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Sparkplug, an end-to-end business management solution for energy brokers and consultants, is a progressive tool that infuses automation throughout the retail energy brokering process starting from lead-to-quote-to-contract, through renewals and including the monthly commission reconciliation process.

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Propeller | Complete Broker Relationship Management for Retail Energy Suppliers

Propeller, an end-to-end business management solution for energy suppliers is a groundbreaking platform that connects to live deal flow from the Sparkplug broker platform in addition to integration with pricing, risk management and CIS backoffice tools. The sales process takes suppliers from lead-to-quote-to-contract, through renewals and including the monthly broker commission statement process.

Powermatrix - Where Software Meets Energy

Powermatrix is asoftware company focused on providing cutting-edge solutions for energy brokers, consultants and Retail Energy Suppliers. Our solutions, engineered on future-proof technologies, eliminate the complexities and pitfalls involved in manual processes, enabling businesses from the energy domain to maximize profitability and growth. Leveraging years of experience in this niche industry, our solutions optimize processes, delivering operational efficiency, and position our clients to scale their businesses. In a dynamic energy industry, we continue to enhance and improve our software based on clients’ needs and changing market trends and continually upgrade the solutions to take the efficiency of your processes to a whole new level.

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We go that extra step to provide you with pre & post sales support.
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We always aim towards persistent growth and improvisation in everything we do.
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We strive to bring unparalleled value to our customers, partners and employees.
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Let us help you clean up and organize your data for accurate forecasting and auditing of your payments. Allow us to demonstrate the transformative potential of our products through a no-obligation free demo. Simply call +1 (609) 664-7183, or fill out our contact form and one of our consultants will be with you, shortly.

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We understand that choosing a business management solution is a critical decision, which is why we are always ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Connect with one of our product specialists to learn more about what’s in store.


GoldStar Energy Group Inc.

Powermatrix team has been extremely helpful and professional throughout the process implementing their software. We have requested several customization's to fit our business model. This team takes a great deal of pride in what they do and work very hard to achieve the exact results that the we were looking for. I am certain they worked many late hours in development making certain the project was completed. They have truly made me appreciate programming and the technical side of software development. I highly recommend working with them.

Amy Stokes


M3 Energy

Powermatrix Customer service team combines thoroughness and responsiveness with a wonderful friendliness to make for a top-notch client relations team. They are a pleasure to work with as anyone who has worked with them knows.” “SparkPlug is easy to use - nice work” on using Consulting Deals “I will let you know about all errors I find with the help of Sparkplug and your team, who have been excellent” on being able to analyze that suppliers were not paying the correct margins.

Craig Wilson