Powermatrix is well-positioned to be a great partner for retail energy businesses and is creating an ecosystem that looks to be the future of retail energy.  If you are not aboard the train now, I encourage you to take a demonstration of the software immediately.”  Stephen King, President Aegean Energy Advisors”

A two-time believer of Sparkplug’s benefits!

Aegean Energy Advisors has a simple yet powerful vision: To make a difference in the lives of end-use energy clients by managing all aspects of their energy needs. Stephen King, President of Aegean Energy is a Kellogg Executive Scholar with decades of experience in the energy sector. Stephen has held several senior management positions for the largest suppliers & brokerage firms in Retail Energy. Through his career, he has always looked for software solutions that made his job EASIER, not harder as some out of the box software can be for sales leaders.

During 2017-2018, Stephen saw Sparkplug for the first time and convinced the leadership at one of the largest brokerage firms in the northeast to implement Sparkplug for the back office.

After leaving in November 2018 to start a new energy consulting firm, he knew that having automation and organized data from day one would be key to future performance.  “I wanted a CRM that could bring automation to supplier price comparisons with the ability to generate, at the click of a button, a self-explanatory proposal for the end use customer.  The software needed to eliminate manual workflows that were both time intensive and susceptible to errors, accurately track electric, natural gas and consulting deals, and proactively inform me of potential renewal opportunities”, said King.

Aegean’s exclusive Strategic Relationship Pricing process ensures that their clientele receives the most competitive pricing in the industry by streamlining the bidding process and negotiating the premiums with ESCOs. Stephen immediately turned to Sparkplug because of his past experience and “Sparkplug offered nearly all of what we already needed and the [Powermatrix] team is always willing to take feedback and continue the growth of solutions to help retail energy brokerage firms succeed.”

Powermatrix created a transformational roadmap to maximize Aegean Energy’s investment and to ensure Sparkplug could help Stephen keep up with all the internal organizational requirements – like reporting.  King went on to say, “The sparkplug implementation resulted in better data quality, improved business insights, and improved communications between sales, operations, and our internal pricing teams. The solution was customized & had our Aegean Energy branding.  It met and exceeded my expectations.”

“We have the sales team inputting and managing their sales pipeline and they love the enhanced data they can provide to end-use clients like historical usage graphs and capacity, transmission, and load factor data.  It helps us look even more professional when in front of our end use client.”