Energy brokering is a complex business, and as the stakes are usually high, there is no room for errors. At powermatrix, we understand the data management needs of our clients and have come up with a comprehensive energy broker software solution that enables our clients to transition from ‘hard work’ to ‘smart work’. We are a team of motivated and focused professionals who value personal commitments above everything else and are driven by the desire to achieve professional excellence.

Why Deploy Sparkplug?

As consumers and businesses struggle to meet their energy needs, they turn to energy brokers to get the best deal. The energy industry continues to become more saturated and brokers are looking for competitive differentiation. Handling vast amount of data at the broker’s end, however, can be a major roadblock in delivering high quality services to your end clients, which is where our energy broker software comes to the rescue. Here are a few undeniable reasons to deploy Sparkplug:

Around-the-Clock Accessibility

Energy brokering is a highly dynamic industry, with prices changing in a matter of seconds, which is why brokers need to think on their feet to get the best deal for their clients. At powermatrix, we understand this need and provide regular updates to ensure your business is up and running 365 days a year. With our power broker software at their side, brokers have real-time access to market data and predictions, which they can use to make better business decisions.

Easy Scalability and Significant Reduction in Tedious Manual Work

In the dynamic and fast paced business environment, your business needs a scalable energy broker analytics software that can adapt to changes and reduce operational burden. After automating many of the brokers daily processes, it has allowed our clients to focus on growing the business, adding agents and adding clients. Since Sparkplug is a cloud-based solution, user and data scalability is never a problem.

Drastically reduce probability of Human Errors

Errors are annoying, and fixing them means more personnel-hours for your employees. With Sparkplug’s process management, data entry issues are significantly reduced. Further, calculation and prediction errors will be a thing of the past. The energy software comes loaded with a spectrum of features and reports, including Commission Reconciliation and Deal Audit, to help avoid errors.

Key Features

Pricing Matrix

Sparkplug imports all of your daily matrices from retail suppliers, standardizes rate codes & utilities, which then allows you to select the most beneficial offer for your customer with just a few easy clicks.

Automated LOA, Quote Requests, Proposal and Contract generation

Speed to information and generating unique content for your clients can mean the difference in winning and losing a deal. Sparkplug allows for automation and digital signatures in the lead to quote to contract process. Suppliers can respond directly back into Sparkplug with their pricing and our proposal to customer template which has been a competitive differentiator for several of our clients.

Lead and Pipeline Management

The software can generate and export more than 20 different reports covering various aspects of business such as Lead and Pipeline dashboards, sales performance reports and profitability reports.

Commission Reconciliation - Excel Sheet Processing

Sparkplug is equipped with complex algorithms that reduces the processing of your complex monthly excel sheets from suppliers to a matter of minutes. Reports are then easily generated to identify non-payments, under forecasted payments, errors and payable reports to your agents and referral partners.

Deal Management

Sparkplug comes with a number of deal management features such as providing notification on upcoming renewals and setting reminders on deals.

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Sparkplug is an all-round power broker software that can help you manage all aspects of your energy brokering business better. Let us introduce you to the future of energy broker analytics software. To learn more about the product, simply call (713) 936-9301 or fill out our contact form and we will get back with you, shortly.